Welcome to Club 2020, Houston’s number one attraction for Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender nightlife. If  you’ ve been searching for the hottest nightclub to enjoy  the atmosphere, dance the night away and enjoy some cocktails, look no further. Club 2020 is the only club in Houston that has a stage and a runway for our featured and guest performers to showcase their talent. We host over 1500 guest each and every weekend, breathing new energy into Houston's nightlife. Club 2020 Opened its doors in 2006 and is the first of its kind in Houston, filling the need for upscale clubbing and event needs while providing a unique style of service, decor, impeccable service and innovative entertainment. 

Club 2020 Houston provides an orchestrated fusion of  light and sound that you won't see anywhere else in the city. Our featured performers soar to great heights to provide theater in the most unexpected places. The production capabilities of 2020 and its seasoned staff  is truly an art that you will only see here. 

A sophisticated sense of style and unique architectural details create the refinement and elegance that make Club 2020 Houston a first class destination. 

At 6,400 square feet, Club 2020 Houston has three areas of private seating. Warm, rich tones dominate the soaring space, which boasts one magnificent bar and a plethora of comfortable seating. The space includes a 3rd floor VIP lounge designed to capture a sense of luxury and refined style, with a private entry and balcony view of the entire first floor. Rich red and gold colors make this hideaway mystifying and chic. 

We invite you into our world......
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